Special Event

You are invited to Greenwood Baptist Church’s free Gospel Praise Concert on Saturday, October 4, 2014, as we come together to celebrate and praise God–not only for what he has done, but just because he is God! We are located at the corner of Seventh Ave. & 6th St. in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Our celebration begins at 4:00 PM, and we would be delighted if you’d join us.!

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No matter who you are or what your church background is (or isn’t), you are invited to make yourself at home at Greenwood Baptist Church (GBC).

This year, GBC celebrates 150 continuous years of service in Park Slope.  To us, service means being a family that supports one another as well as one that reaches out to the community around us.  We are always learning, growing and being surprised by what God has in store for us.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: We are a mutually supportive fellowship of faith, advancing the gospel message of God’s kingdom to our community and leading God’s people to maturity in Christ through ministries that edify, educate, and inspire to the glory of God.

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